Doctors of Chiropractic are health care professionals that treat neuromuscular disorders or conditions related to the spine and extremities. The spine is treated with spinal manipulation to restore function and decrease pain. Function can be affected by different bones or vertebra of the spine being out of alignment. This leads to nerve pain as a result of the pressure that is placed on the nerve. Compression of the nerves causes inflammation and irritation. These can lead to symptoms of sciatica or pain that runs down the arms and legs. Biomechanical and structural changes have a huge impact on the nervous system. This can have a huge impact on our health. Doctors of Chiropractic help to improve and restore the structural and biomechanical changes that can come about due to accidents, falls, daily wear and tear, job demands, sports injuries, as well as the aging process.

Chiropractors are known to treat the neck and back. However, we are able to treat shoulder, knee, wrist, ankle problems with great outcomes.

Chiropractic is safe when done skillfully and appropriately per the World Health Organization.

Chiropractors treat soft tissue injuries that occur outside the spine. Manual therapy is a form of deep tissue massage that helps speed up healing to the tissue. Scar tissue can form after years of accumulation and leads to increase inflammation.