Peripheral neuropathy is a condition of that affects the extremities such as the hands and fee due to nerve damage.  This can lead to pain, numbness, and weakness of the hands and feet.  People with neuropathy will describe their symptoms as burning, stabbing, or tingling.

The peripheral nervous system sends information and signals to the brain and spinal cord.  Peripheral neuropathy can be the result of traumatic injuries, infections, exposure to toxins.  Trauma that has not resolved or that has not been treated can lead to peripheral neuropathy.  Medications help to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy but the effects are short lived.  People generally have to continue to take these medications without ever exploring the actual cause or the origin.  Diabetes mellitus is another cause of neuropathy.

Causes of Neuropathy:

Alcoholism – poor dietary choices can lead to nerve damage and vitamin deficiencies.

Diabetes Mellitus – leads to poor nerve flow and reduced oxygen to the peripheral nerves.

Exposure to toxins – heavy metal toxicity and chemicals can damage nerves of the hands and feet.